The Dragon's Way Qigong® Program Beginning on September 27

Register here for the program at 6:30 PM CST on Sept 27, Oct 4, 11, 18, 25 & Nov 1. Returning students use promo code DWQ99

Congratulations! You've found a six-week Qigong program with a clear roadmap to gain and hold on to your Qi, or lifeforce energy. You will: 

  • Learn ten energy movements (for people at all levels of current activity)
  • Ease lifestyle stressors
  • Reconnect to food's healing essence
  • Restore joy, calm and balance to your daily activities

Building and hanging on to more Qi, or lifeforce energy, is doable. You can get these benefits without being an expert. Your desire is the most important factor. Once you start moving, your body knows what to do.

Right now you may feel stuck. You may not understand how a new program will help you get more time to do what you want in your life, or how it will fill that empty basket of your creative purpose. This Qigong program will help you shift your life in a profound way. Many students also shed weight, illness, allergies and pain. Others heal relationships at home and at work. Together we all work on loving ourselves, no matter what!


- Six consecutive Qigong class sessions plus free supplemental Sunday morning group practices.

- Purchase a Dragon's Way Guidebook and online download for $45 at

- Optional and strongly encouraged are special herbal compounds to boost to Liver and Kidney energy, $56-$128, at or direct from Jenny.

Happy to consult before or after you register. Please email me at [email protected] and we'll make a time to talk.

Trust your body. Trust yourself. Renew your commitment! It's so exciting to uncover the answers you seek and live with energy and vitality through every age and change. 

Stay well!

Jenny Merdinger

[email protected]

PS: Register for the November 15 program here!

What People Are Saying:

I would absolutely recommend this program to a friend or family member! So much to gain: energy, flexibility, and health.

Lori R.

Thank you sooooo much for the qigong and the teaching. It really has been incredibly impactful. Strangely, lately I have been noticing that I feel physically stronger. I thought that I was already strong, but my stamina is higher!

Roberta W.

$199.00 USD