Build your Qi, or lifeforce energy, to move chronic disease, stuck weight & pain, and emotional overload. Qi shows the way to get what you want!

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Dragon's Way Qigong

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Jenny Merdinger, teacher and guide.

My life hit a crisis turning point in 2008 that led me to the TCM World Foundation, Grand Master Nan Lu and Wu Ming Qigong. Imagine my complete amazement and gratitude as chronic conditions and excess weight permanently dropped, at the same time that my work and family relationships become calmer and more loving.

Today, I've been certified to offer multiple Qigong programs and trained to be a healing partner in Tao of Medical Qigong 1:1 treatment sessions and have created the Real Women, Real Healing coaching courses.  

Here to Help!

Have you reached a point in your life where you wonder whether you'll have the energy you need to do all that you want?  

It's never too late. Discover a new way to health and energy. You can heal common chronic conditions, aches and pains, digestive disorders and out-of-whack emotions. Your vitality, purpose, and joy are greater than you know!

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